Class of 2016 KBP Scholarship recipient

October 13, 2016  •  2 Comments

I just have to say that I am glad that I was not responsible for the impossible decision of selecting the Class of 2016 Scholarship recipient.  From the words of one of the judges "I will say, these young people are an inspiration and remove my need to weep for humanity!"  In a time when negativity is so publicized you start to wonder where the good is found.  Well, it is found in these students.  It truly was inspiring to see such strong character in these graduates and all of them serve as an excellent example of hard work, determination, commitment, and drive.  I'm proud to have had the opportunity to get to know them.

The decision panel consisted of 5 judges.  Scoring from each judge was combined to give each applicant an overall score.  The overall top scoring applicant was the recipient of the Kim Bourquin Photography Class of 2016 Scholarship.  Congratulations to Cody Burris for being selected as the Class of 2016 Recipient.  

KBP will continue to offer this scholarship to the KBP Class of 2017 high school graduates.  More details can be found here


Tonya Burris(non-registered)
Congratulations Cody! Thanks Kim Bourquin Photography, not only did we get great senior pictures of Cody but an opportunity to apply for and win a scholarship. I know he will make you proud!
Congratulations Cody!! What a great accomplishment. Wishing you and all of your fellow graduates continued success. Can't wait to see what this year's seniors photo sessions will look like...
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