Playing in the poppies

March 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

We took the girls out to play in the poppies.  The hosts were the nicest people!  The girls had a good time exploring, making new friends, and chasing ladybugs. 


This is about the only moment where I was able to get Kyle to sit for a moment.

Say hello to Jack, the unofficial mascot.


Kylie and her new friend catching Ladybugs.

"I have a Ladybug on my pinky!"




More Ladybugs.

Time to say goodbye to Ladybugs.


When I saw this lone white flower, it was kind of inspirational to me.  It represented being unique, standing out and being yourself, making your own path, not following the crowd, and doing all these things beautifully.



Marilyn aka Nana(non-registered)
The girls are gorgeous of course I am partial but it's true beautiful flowers and love the dresses
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