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Kim Bourquin Photography has received publications, features, and awards in several national professional photography magazines, blogs, and contests.




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2017 Shoot & Share Photo Contest

Kim Bourquin Photography placed two Finalists photos, two Top 10% photos, four Top 20% photos, and three Top 30% photos.  


That Just Happened catagory - placed 306 of 4,317

Vorachek-252 badgeVorachek-252 badge

Senior Catagory - placed 429 of 20,266 KBP - Baxter-0330 sky badgeKBP - Baxter-0330 sky badge

IMG_0415-3 badgeIMG_0415-3 badge KBP_Crane0128 badgeKBP_Crane0128 badge West-5-33 badgeWest-5-33 badge KimBourquin-0193-Edit badgeKimBourquin-0193-Edit badge KBP-0130 bw badgeKBP-0130 bw badge Chloe-0124 badgeChloe-0124 badge Felicia-0421-Edit badgeFelicia-0421-Edit badge Felicia-0217-Edit badgeFelicia-0217-Edit badge Wagner-0422 badgeWagner-0422 badge



The Twelfth Year Honorable Mention Top 25 Up & Coming Senior Photographers of 2016

Kim Bourquin Photography was selected as one of the Honorable Mention Top 25 Up & Coming Senior Photographers of 2016 for a photo with a perfect score and was featured in the Twelfth Year's Magazine.



2016 Shoot & Share Photo Contest 11th place and Three Top 30% Photos

Kim Bourquin Photography placed one photo at 11th and finished three photos in the Top 30% in the global Shoot & Share Photo Contest.  This contest had over 74,000 people involved from 149 countries around the world, over 225,000 photos which were entered in 25 categories then voted on more than 32 million times.

11th out of 14,803 photos in the Senior category

K&Arep-0214 step 2K&Arep-0214 step 2

Top 30% Finishers in the Family category and Senior category

Bennett-0639Bennett-0639 Mathis8-1Mathis8-1 Lanie_0341-3Lanie_0341-3

TWELFTH YEAR Featured Fan Session

Kim Bourquin Photography was a Featured Fan Session on TWELFTH YEAR'S national blog.